Illuminate Your Outdoors

Exterior Lighting

Want to show off all the time and money you have put into creating an eye-catching landscape for your property? Then, you will want to make sure you have the proper exterior lighting for your home or business.

We also offer a retrofitting service to update your old lights. Older exterior lighting systems tend to use fluorescent lighting. While that might have worked in the past, today’s technology has eclipsed fluorescents in terms of quality. That is why we are ready to retrofit your old fluorescent lighting with new and improved LED lights.

LED lights are significantly more efficient at lighting up your property. They also light up to their maximum potential right away, considerably improving them over the past’s slow, power-consuming fluorescents.

The key to any retrofitting or installation is to get the wiring done right the first time. That is why you always want to work with trained, professional electricians for any of your electrical service needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about the different ways we can assist you.

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Electrical Repair &


Electrical problems should never be ignored. Even some as simple as flickering lights could indicate a serious safety issue— one that could have catastrophic results if disregarded. The professional electricians at R&J Brothers Electric LLC are here to help you with any troubleshooting and electrical repair that you require in New Milford, NJ.

We are experts at determining the cause of your system’s problems and providing the right electrical services to get everything working like new again. So, when you experience a power outage, sparks, or other issues with your electrical system, our technicians are ready to help.

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Panel Upgrades

We can completely replace or offer panel upgrades for your current panels depending on your electrical power needs at home or at your place of business.

100-amp panels are often found in older homes, but for modern busy households and commercial venues, these panels won’t suffice. Upgrading them to 200-amp panels would be highly beneficial. The 200-amp panels allow more space for upgrades to your home or HVAC system because they provide a sufficient power supply to your property.

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Installation of

Recessed Lighting

There are still homes with no ceiling lights, and a light switch controls the power. These are most likely older houses that are in dire need of an update to their home features. Recessed lighting is a fantastic option for older homes because it is a trendy and sophisticated style of lighting. This ceiling-mounted fixture is vastly superior to other options in lighting up a place. Fortunately, R&J Brothers Electric LLC is well-versed in recessed lighting installations in Bergen County, NJ.

Please take advantage of our expert recessed lighting services to get the crisp look it can provide for your place.

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Installation of New

Appliance Circuits

Our expert group of electricians here at R&J Brothers Electric LLC have immense experience creating new circuits for various reasons. Suppose you have a gas dryer or oven but decided to switch to electric appliances. In that case, turn to our appliance circuit installation service in Bergen County, NJ. We’ll run a new electrical line and create a circuit for your overhead microwave or kitchen hood.

Major electrical appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, need dedicated circuits to avoid overloading an existing circuit with possibly other loads on it. Get the wiring in your place of living or business right; have it done by experienced R&J Brothers Electric LLC wiremen. Call us if you need our services or have questions about our offerings; we’ll be more than glad to demonstrate our expertise.

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Knob and Tube Wiring

When we say we’re a complete electrical services company, we don’t say that for nothing. Knob and tube wiring is no exception. Our team of electricians will come into your home and remove the first-generation knob and tube wiring, primarily found in vintage homes or those built before 1950. This is an ungrounded system, which means if electricity were to flow on an unintended path, there is no protection that a breaker can detect. We install Romex wiring with a ground system and ensure it is all up to code.

Hire our professional knob and tube wiring elimination service; we’ll ensure your home has a sound grounding system. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.

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Installation of

Generac generators

If we’re talking about generators, then there’s only one choice — Generac. As the premier backup generators money can buy, our team here at R&J Brothers Electric LLC can easily install these home generator systems on your property. When Mother Nature strikes, a Generac generator will keep things running. Whether it’s a hurricane or a monsoon, these generators automatically turn on and restore power to your home.

If these are too pricy for your budget, R&J Brothers Electric LLC also offers a cheaper alternative — a generator inlet for your portable generator. What’s the difference? This machine does not kick in automatically when a power outage strikes. You will have to plug it into your home to activate it.

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